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The Ani Almeida concept was created in late November 2016 after a trip to La Alta Guajira, Northern Colombia. Me, Born in Colombia and homebased in NYC for a while where I had developed a career in Banking ( yes, in banking! ) with no background in fashion but with the desire of having my own socially responsible business, have not had the opportunity to explore that part of my country so, I embarked in my adventure.

During my trip I was stunned and deeply touched not only by the beauty of the handcrafted pieces made by the Wayuus but also by the heartbreaking precarious living conditions that the Indigenous continue to endure. After witnessing somehow the reality of the Wayuu Tribe and being immersed in a sea of ideas I decided to start my always-in-my-heart dream, a charitable fashion business.

At Ani Almeida we are committed to donating 15% of our sales profits from every purchase to the Wayuu Indigenous to help improve the living conditions for the traditional weavers, their families and their community, all this in addition to the indirect and direct employment opportunities generated in the area by us. We are going to continue sprinkling a little magic wherever we go, and we hope that you do the same!

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